Activate your ProClass account

Renewing members have an online registration account

To go to the registration system login, click here.

This takes you directly to the password recovery page.

Activating your account

The link above takes you directly to the Forgot Password page. There you will enter your account’s Email address (the one the office has on file for you) and click submit.

The registration system will send you an Emal message with a link to a page that will let you reset your password. Click the “Click here” link and follow the instructions on that page. It will ask you to enter a new password twice and check the two for match. If they match, this will become you new password.

The second important piece of information the change password page is your “current username” shown at the top. Make a note of both the username and the password for future use.

When you successfully reset your password, the registration system will show you a new page reporting that your password was changed and inviting you to log in. You may click the “login” link on this page or select the Register Online menu item from the Register menu.